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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:    A new approach to media in your life

Chapter 2:    Growing up in a mediated world

Chapter 3:    How we acquire language: communication and community

Chapter 4:    The brain and the birth of writing

Chapter 5:     Printing, the mass public, and the mass private

Chapter 6:     Newspapers in a digital media world

Chapter 7:     Magazines and the construction of the story

Chapter 8:     The global world: the telegraph

Chapter 9:      Radio, music, and the soundtrack of our lives

Chapter 10:    Photography: writing images and movement

Chapter 11:    Movies and the dream factory

Chapter 12:    TV: Broadcasting and narrowcasting

Chapter 13:    Advertising

Chapter 14:    Public Relations

Chapter 15:    Media and journalism, law and ethics

Chapter 16:    Media and agenda setting in the political sphere

Chapter 17:     The new media explosion

Chapter 18:     In the midst of a revolution, imagining the future

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